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Dec 19, 2011 3:00am PST
, of course. as recently as 2007 there was a north korean nuclear plant in syria that was taken out. i mean, so he was profoundly important around the world. he played that nuclear card. i actually met him when i traveled there in 2000. that was a period where he had reached out to japan to south korea then in october of 2000, just before the end of the clinton years, there was that summit in pyongyang and the extraordinary meetings, and now the deputy secretary state found him to be more credible than they expected. they were expecting this bizarre figure in high heels with a poofed up hair. he's very short, i should tell you, having gone through the receiving line with him when we were all greeted at the guest house there. >> right. >> but he actually had serious meetings with them. the interesting thing is, that there are two american diplomats in beijing today. they were to meet with their north korean counterparts. this was the first step of something that was to be announced as early as today or later this week. it was supposed to be the food aid to north korea and the possibility of
Dec 22, 2011 3:00am PST
. obviously in syria. but what is your take on what has happened in iraq over the past 48 hours since u.s. troops moved out? >> we are beginning to face the reality of what we have accomplished. namely we have destabilized iraq. we have destroyed it as a state. we have reignited sectarian conflicts, we have contributed to ethnic distinctions between the kurds and the iraqis. we have a problem on our hands, which we didn't solve by war. and which we cannot resolve anymore because we can't continue the war indefinitely. it's a contribution to greater middle eastern instability. >> you have long chided those who were arrogant enough to believe that every country across the globe wants to remake themselves in america's image. and i remember pulitzer prize winner a few years back making the suggestion to you and you laughing him off the set. is this not yet another example after eight years, after 4,000 plus deaths, after $1 trillion invested in iraq, we leave and within 24 hours they revert to form? >> well, they revert to form which has preexisted. >> right. >> and you know, we're sort of
Dec 15, 2011 3:00am PST
wanting to invade syria, and we're going to have a drum beat to invade iran, and other senators talking about invading yemen from time to time. >> and you -- >> where have they been? >> you heard john mccain yesterday. >> yeah. senator john mccain. >> this will continue and it'll be a question that will confront the presidential candidates. let's get to the latest in politics there because there's some interesting twists and turns there to report on. the latest polling out of new hampshire shows mitt romney still leading the republican field with 38% support, 18 points ahead of newt gingrich, the former house speaker has moved up to second place, and jon huntsman jumps to third place. >> looks like i'm going to win a steak. >> 13% support. >> you remember -- >> who was that? with haleprin? >> dan senor. >> that's right. >> it was a car. >> it was a car, it was actually a private jet. let's look at this poll for a second. >> that number, by the way, is thanks in large part to independent voters with less than a month to go, 11% of new hampshire voters say they are still undecided. and ov
Dec 29, 2011 3:00am PST
on the armed services committee, active on national security matters including iran and syria, two major pieces of legislation where i led the fight and was opposed by joe biden and in iran's case, opposed by barack obama initially, fought that battle and eventually won and got every person in the united states senate to vote for the @i sanctions on iran's nuclear program when as a matter of fact joe biden was standing up saying it didn't exist. the bottom line is, i've got a strong track of leading on national security matters, of having a strong presence around the world and making sure that america was safe, that our allies would feel comfortable, that they could trust us and our enemies would respect us and in the cases of folks like iran and other rogue nations fear us. those are the kinds of differences i would have between barack obama and rick santorum is experience. i didn't serve two years in the united states senate before i ran for president, i served 12 years. go back and look at my record in pennsylvania. and what i did in the poor communities in pennsylvania. we've got a good, st
Dec 14, 2011 3:00am PST
of a few months you would have lost dictators in egypt and tunisia and look at what's going on in syria, and now look at what's happening in russia. >> yeah. >> this is kind of a contagious virus of protests that's going on around the world, where people feel empowered, people feel frustrated and are able to get out into the street. haven't seen that in decades. >> and look what's happening here. >> we haven't seen this since 1848 where protests spread across europe and toppled governments. >> and, of course, we focus on the 1960s, the protests about what happened here, what happened in chicago but it was happening in paris and happening, of course, in prague, happening all across the world, but it's happening again here and how amazing, rick, that it started this spark in tunisia with the street fighter being treated disrespectfully. >> you know, in fact, one of the weeks i wasn't here, a few weeks ago i was in egypt and tunisia and i went to a tiny little town three or four hours outside of tunis, really in the back of beyond, really in the middle of nowhere. you can't imagine that so
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)